Assisted Senior Living
in Victoria

Who we are

A growing body of research shows that those who live in a caring, connected environment
enjoy greater health and well-being than those who are isolated

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the daily choices of residents to enjoy peace of mind, a feeling of daily wellbeing, personal safety and security to tenure.

Our vision

The residents of Kew SRS will enjoy quality of care and services provided by staff who are committed to “BEST PRACTICE” principles


Gaining a commitment to quality improvement from all stakeholders for example all members of the Health Care Team, Residents, Relatives, and External providers.

“No Bond / RAD required. No asset test. No income test. I don't have to sell my own house. I can choose to rent out my house to pay for this supported accommodation or I can let my children to stay in my house."
Why us

welcome home

You may have claimed there’s “No Place Like Home,” but when you choose us, Kew SRS becomes your “Home Sweet Home”.

Resort-Style Living

Delicious meals, exceptional facilities...

24/7 Caring Staff

Highly qualified staff committed to your care

Safety and Security

Protection and facilitation when needed

Health & Medication

Rest assured your health needs are managed.


discover a vibrant

At Kew SRS, older people find more than just a comfortable place to live. They discover a vibrant community where they have opportunities to be active, eat well, participate, set goals and live purposeful lives – all in the company of neighbors.

Health & wellness



The right care
for you

Living options
Where to begin

Your First Step
Toward Better

Making new senior living decisions can be challenging.
Let us help. We’re happy to talk with you

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