Investing In Your

At Kew SRS, we offer opportunities to engage, enjoy, express, learn, and grow each day. At every community, our dedicated activities team develops an extensive calendar tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
Discover how our residents, all with different hobbies and interests, stay active at Sunrise.

  • Purposeful — ensures that you maintain a sense of identity that brings meaning to your life
  • Emotional — you’ll feel safe and secure, free to experience your full range of emotion
  • Physical — offers options for exercise, nutritious food, and collaborative clinical approaches
  • Social — so you will always have a sense of connectedness
  • Spiritual — lifts your spirits in ways that matter and supply peace and joy
  • Intellectual — choices to help you engage in all of your interests


Here are some of the Kew SRS – exclusive programs you’ll find at our senior living communities.

Stay Fit

To help you stay physically fit, our B-Fit exercise program encompasses the latest research and guidelines to give you a fun, stimulating and social exercise experience.

Brain Fit

Fitness isn’t only for your body—it’s critical for your mind too. Our program is a holistic approach that provides education on how you can live a brain healthy

KEW SRS senior living Victoria

The Ageless Spirit

Your spiritual experience matters to us. That is why we created the program designed to express simple but powerful practices.

Rewiring Aging

We are rewiring aging to help you stay connected to those you love and to the world through our technology solutions.

My Life Story

Your unique story has made you who you are today. Through our storytelling program, My Life Story, you can share your unique perspective and valuable wisdom

KEW SRS Amenities

Optimum Life Health Talks

In these opportunities for life long learning, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our nurses and therapists to learn about health and wellness