Comprehensive Senior Services

Kew SRS opened in December 2020 as a resident-centered environment. With their new approach to senior care, Kew SRS began a movement to champion quality of life for all seniors
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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to enhance the daily choices of residents to enjoy peace of mind, a feeling of daily wellbeing, personal safety and security to tenure. We will provide residents with an environment of community and companionship, supported with on call- medical and other support services and skilled staff committed to ongoing training. Kew SRS will be a home where respect, dignity, sanctity of private space, choice and autonomy of action are fundamental rights. Within these parameters and each resident’s social, intellectual, cultural, physical and emotional needs. Kew SRS will set out to enhance the rewards of daily living for residents.

    Equally, our mission is to earn the trust, respect and confidence of residents to value Kew SRS as their home, and one, which warrants peace of mind and a supportive community where everyone is equal.

    Our mission is to provide our residents with place that they will gladly call a home.

    We aim to provide our residents with:

    1.Promote the rights of residents to exercise freedom of choice
    2. Pro-active care that maximise the long term health outlook for each resident
    3. Excellent personal care tailored to their needs
    4. A wide range of activities and outings that are chosen in consultation with our residents
    5. On call assistance and other personal care required
    6. High quality nutritional meals that are catered to residents individual needs
    7. Acknowledge cultural and spiritual differences
    8. Provide holistic care to individual care needs
    9. Continually strive to improve.
    10. Provide support ongoing professional development for the staff.
    11. Create a safe,happy and supportive workplace.
    12. Develop and maintain viable services.
    13. Collaborate with staff, residents and / representatives and other health professionals.
    14. We carry out our day to day task with the following values:
    15. Accountability, recognition, celebration, good relationships, commitment, respect, encouragement, safety, honesty.
    16. Reputation (e.g. residents, amongst staff and competitors)
    17. Service quality standards (e.g. making residents’ a priority)
    18. Passion (e.g. that we enjoy what we do)
    19. Continue researching resident’s preferences.
    20. Good staff has continuous education / professional development.
    21. Passionate about freedom of expression and friendly service
    22. Care services is trading strongly.
    23. Good and growing reputation.
    24. Be regarded as good employer.

    We aim to make Kew SRS a home where respect, dignity, sanctity of private space, choice and autonomy of actions are fundamental rights. We aim to earn the trust, respect and confidence of our residents and their families so that resident’s look upon Kew SRS as their home and that all residents are given respect and treated equally.

    Our Vision

    The residents of Kew SRS will enjoy quality of care and services provided by staff who are committed to “BEST PRACTICE” principles

    Our Values

    At Kew SRS, we are committed to:

    • Gaining a commitment to quality improvement from all stakeholders for example all members of the Health Care Team, Residents, Relatives, and External providers.
    • Linking all contributions and initiatives to the mission and philosophy of the facility.
    • Instituting a holistic and systematic approach to quality management, which is leadership driven and embraced by all staff and stakeholders.
    • Promoting ongoing staff development and training based on needs analysis.
    • Building continuous quality improvement and self-assessment into the culture of the facility.
    • Emphasising the use of measurable outcomes to demonstrate effectiveness, assist with decision making and guide improvement activities.


    core values

    We stand for the dignity of life that our residents expect. We stand for active lifestyles, nurturing care and a place to call home.

    We are a leader in independent living, assisted living, memory care, and short stay programs. With a choice of lifestyles and differing levels of care, you will find a community that is specially tailored to you.