Recipes from the
Heart Cookbook

Sharing delicious meals with family and friends is a deeply meaningful part of life. That is why we place a high priority on ensuring our residents dine very well and in excellent company.

We create delightful dining experiences based on our residents’ personal tastes. That means creating unique, flavorful menus. Offering a variety of options every day. Making nearly everything from scratch. Using fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. Presenting it all with full table service. And of course, accommodating special dietary requirements.

Creative Culinary Events

Our chefs create inspired new dishes while continuously sharpening their skills.

Local Flavors

Nothing brings a community together like warm food and fellowship.

The Chef‘s Table

Our chefs regularly construct elegant action stations for cooking displays during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cuisine from Around the World

Spanish tapas, Japanese sushi, Indian curry – the world is full of flavors, and we make it a point to bring many of them to our communities.