KEW SRS senior living Victoria

Respite Accommodation

Respite care accommodation is short term usually 1-4 weeks:

It is usually mainly used for:

  • Providing supported accommodation for relative while the family has a vacation or travels.
  • Providing rehabilitation or similar for a person recovering from a fall or other health issues
  • Providing post hospital recuperation prior to returning home
  • Giving an older person a break from having to care for themselves
  • Giving a relative from caring for their relative
  • As means of introducing an elderly person to what an SRS (Supportive Residential Services) can offer in readiness for a future move from independent living to supported accommodation.


  1. We charge for respite care on a daily basis
  2. We have no set minimum stay
  3. We have agreements with various health funds so are able to provide post hospital respite

Permanent Respite Care Accommodation:

This usually comes about due to a variety of reasons:

  • The person has had a series of falls or other incidents that have made it too risky to remain at home
  • Their health has deteriorated and they are no longer able to adequately care for themselves at home
  • They have dementia that has advanced to such an extent that they are no longer able to look after themselves
  • They are unable to low care for themselves in a general way
  • They are just old and frail and family are worried about them being home alone
  • They are lonely and isolated at home and wish to be with other people on a 24 hour basis.

We do not charge bonds or receive government funding so our fees are higher than a nursing home or other funded facility. The difference in fees has to be looked in this light as the earnings on the bond are kept by the funded facility.