Supported Residential Service

SRS is abbreviated for Supported Residential Service.

This is a low care home facility, when individual’s circumstances have changed, and they can no longer manage at home it is time to find alternative. That alternative is a supported environment that provides appropriate care and supervision in a friendly, home-like environment where it is safe to spend the next phase of your life. People need to make the move from independent living for many and varied reasons, it differs for everyone.

Common reasons are:

  • decrease in physical ability, this could be mobility or an inability to look after their own care needs.
  • the person suffers falls at home leading to repeated hospital admissions.
  • a decline in memory leading to forgetfulness and the inherent risks this brings around the house and or getting confused or lost in the local area outside of their home.
  • a person getting frail with age and with chronic illness lacking the ability to manage at home or look after their personal care
  • social isolation associated with depression brought on by lack of independence in getting around
  • medication issues, managing and properly taking their medications
  • the loss of partner

Moving into a dedicated facility that provides the required low care and support solves issues. Relatives can now feel confident that their loved one is being looked after and cared for by trained staff in a purpose-built facility with all the appropriate safety features.

All residents are provided:

  • Appropriate personal care trained staff
  • Has supervision 24 hours a day
  • Cared for in a safe, purpose built environment
  • Their medication is managed by the facility with doctors on call
  • They have call buttons throughout their room and the facility, so assistance is just a push of button away
  • They have social contact daily with others as well as regular activities and outings
  • All staff are experienced in caring for people with dementia and other age and chronic illness related issues

The reasons people turn towards care in an SRS

As one aged the body slows down and deteriorate we cannot do what we used to and it’s very frustrating for the person and affects them and the family as a whole. The person needs to move to a supported environment where care and attention is available to provide the necessary service to assist the person and ensure they are safe, comfortable and as a risk free of injury as possible. We believe that it is important to maintain our resident’s independence as well as providing sufficient support to keep them as independent as possible.

Moving in is easy

  1. Check out our SRS and discuss care needs and details what is provided in the fees charged
  2. Make the decision to come as completing admission forms
  3. Pick up a day and time generally morning is the best to move in. When you arrive, we will arrange all medications, put in place a care plan detailing what personal care and other services we will provide. The new resident will be shown around, given lunch and given lots of TLC to assist in the settling in process.

Why Choose KEW SRS

  1. We are smaller facility that provides a home for our residents with caring staff.
  2. We do not charge a Bond.
  3. We do not have minimum stays for respite.
  4. The residents are familiar to our regular staff and so we can look after them to a higher level as well as giving them the feeling that they are cared for.
  5. We cook all our meals in-house, the food is fresh and excellent quality. We cater to our resident’s individual needs.
  6. We have regular visits of general practitioner and dentist for general check-up.
  7. We have our Allied health services / visits such as Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Optometrist, Dietitian, and Podiatrist
  8. We provide regular outdoor activities, outings and bus trip few times a year.
  9. WE CARE !! This is the main reason to come to Kew SRS

We guarantee you will be satisfied with Kew SRS