Supported Residential Service
Kew SRS is a Supported Residential Service [SRS]. We are governed by the Supported Residential Services [Private Proprietors] ACT 2010. Our SRS is consistent with the principles set out in the act and our compliance is overseen by the Victorian Government Department of Health. The objective of this act is to provide the safety and well-being of residents living in private supported residential services.
The principles that underpin the legislation are:
  1. Residents of supported residential services have the same rights and responsibilities as other members of the community and should be empowered to exercise those rights and responsibilities
  2. Residents should be respected by recognising a resident’s right to-
    • Privacy
    • Freedom of expression
    • Fair and equal treatment
    • Dignity and respect
    • Freedom from abuse, neglect or exploitation
  3. Proprietors should support residents to live as independently as possible by-
    • Recognising the resident’s right to make decisions, provided those decisions do not unreasonably affect the rights of others
    • Supporting them to participate in decisions regarding the services they receive; and
    • Allowing them the right to choose their service providers; and
    • Recognising their rights to participate in activities involving a degree of risk
  4. Proprietors should support residents as far as possible by-
    • Providing residents with information that will assist in decision making; and
    • Facilitating access to activities
  5. Proprietors should provide safe and comfortable surroundings and ensure that support services take account of the needs of individual residents as far as possible.
We at Kew SRS are focused on upholding these principles; we believed that it is of the utmost importance that you resident feel that Kew SRS is your home and that you have voice in how you are cared for by our staff.